Rebirth: Into the Light

Single screen, site-specific installation for “Art, Science, Life”, Ipswich Museum, Suffolk, Feb-May 2016.

Rebirth: Into the Light, Ipswich Gallery, Suffolk, 2016

This work was made in response to an ancient Roman Lantern which had been unearthed after lying undiscovered for many years in the ground at a farm near Sudbury, Suffolk. What fascinated me about this lantern was that it had probably last been used some time prior to 300 AD, and that it had been lying underground for nearly two millennia until it was unearthed again. I had this notion of a device designed to light up the dark, itself lying in the dark earth. My response to this was to symbolise the moment of the lanter’s return into the light- it’s rebirth into the world as an object that might again shed new light- this time, the light of knowledge.