Impossible Object Number 4

“Flying Lampadario”, Installation, 2018.
Murano glass chandelier, drone motors, led lights, video projection.

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Impossible Object No. 4 (Flying Lampadario)”, 2018.

Detail “Impossible Object No. 4 (Flying Lampadario), 2018

Detail: “Impossible Object No. 4 (Flying Lampadario)”, 2018.

Impossible Object No 4 (Flying Lampadario) is a sculpture which tries to set a domestic object free, but fails, as it can never escape from the energy that keeps it alive.

The work consists of two main elements:

1) A modified Murano glass chandelier which has been “fused” with a drone- the light bulbs at the end of three arms of the glass chandelier have been replaced with drone motors and rotors, which rotate when the installation is operational. There is also internal LED lighting which constantly changes colour.

2) A continuously repeating high-definition video sequence of a drone flight from take off through to reaching altitude, rotating 360 degrees and then descending, which is projected onto the wall behind the lamp. The projector is mounted so that the drone flight image sequence is projected onto the wall behind the chandelier, with the chandelier casting its shadow within the centre of the image.

The chandelier, which is connected to the mains electricity supply, is suspended from the ceiling of the exhibition space at approximately 2.5 metres from the floor and is designed to operate continuously during the exhibition period. The exhibition space requires minimal lighting, as the internal light from the chandelier and the projected image are sufficient. The sound in the space is created by the whirling rotor blades