For John Cage

"For John Cage" at The Center for Contemporary Art, Tallinn, 2001

A sound installation for 8 audio players, 8 one minute looped audio recordings, printed audio displays on music stands and rotating wireless microphone.

“In his homage, Chris Meigh-Andrews stresses the two main sides of Cage’s world perception: the Duchamp-flux ready-made symbiosis of music/art with Zen and oriental philosophy. Eight tape players placed on music stands in a circle simultaneously play eight John Cage lectures. A circularly moving microphone, like a metaphor for the circular movement of the Buddhist life cycle, picks up bits and pieces of these lectures, and also occasional background sounds of the exhibition hall, and amplifies them in the loudspeakers in the foyer.”

Anders Harm, “Nothing Matters”, International Media Art Festival, Interstanding IV, End Repeat, Estonian Art 2, Estonian Institute, Tallin, 2001

Link to Documentation of the installation.