Fenetre Digital


A Digital Video Projection
Fenetre Digitale :A digital video projection installation

This work is somewhat of a departure from the major video installation and site specific work I have been making over the last decade, although it draws on some of the same themes and concerns. Previous works were large-scale, sculptural and complex, and often featured the flow and flux of natural materials.

Small scale, and more immediate,and reintroducing a theme of self-portraiture which featured in much earlier work, this new piece is intended to make a direct reference to the illusiory space created via projection, the quality and nature light on the glass surface, and the interplay between sound and picture. I plan to develop a new series of digital moving image works projected onto glass, of which this is the first.

Made originally for the Galerie Brighi, in “Passages des Panoramas”, Paris and exhibited in June 2000, Fenetre Digitale has been made entirely digitally: Fenetre Digitale has been shot on DV, edited on an iMac, mastered on DVD and is projected using an LCD data projector.

The original idea was to transport a small section of my studio in the east end of London to the gallery in Paris. The measurements of the door of the Galerie Brighi were sent via e-mail from Paris to London and I built a full size replica of it – thus a small part of the gallery was transported into the studio. The recorded action was then projected onto the door of the gallery.

In this restaged version of the original work, the digital image is projected onto a suspended sheet of glass with a translucent surface. In the illusory space behind the window of the projection, the artist is “playing” in his studio – an electronic space where things can be physically broken and digitally repaired.

The installation was funded by the University of Central Lancashire.
The DVD master was made at the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology in Liverpool. Special thanks to Cinzia Cremona for advice and assistance.

Chris Meigh-Andrews, Oct 2000.