Wawel Castle…

Wawel Castle from Debenicki Bridge (After Ignacy Kreiger) 2004.

Wawel Castle from Debenicki Bridge (After Ignacy Krieger), 2004

“Wawel Castle From Debinicki Bridge”, Krakow, Poland, 2004

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Exhibited at Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow, Wawel Castle from the Debenicki Bridge (After Ignacy Kreiger) 2004, is based on research undertaken whilst he was Arts Council of England International Artist Fellow. The installation centres on an early photograph of Wawel Castle on the banks of the river Vistula, taken in 1890 by Polish photographer Ignacy Kreiger (1820-1889). As with previous projection works referencing early photography, the installation takes as its theme the relationship between the original image, including it’s historical perspective and its location, the viewpoint of the photographer and the relationship of the original photograph to a contemporary view of the site.

Wawel castle’s position as a cultural object and a tourist landmark is an important factor, especially the fact that the building is constantly re-photographed under every light condition and in all weathers from a similar viewpoint by tourist and locals alike.

Another important theme to this and Meigh-Andrews’ other recent digital projection works is the complex and changing interrelationship between photography and video which has been brought about by the convergence of digital imaging technology. In Meigh-Andrews’ recent digital work the boundaries between photography and video are deliberately blurred- the two previously distinct media have become intertwined.

From the Craftsman’s Tool to the Work of Art and Back Again– The Role of Photography in the Contemporary Installation. Marta Raczek, “Biuletyn Fotograficzny”, Poland, March 2004