Strangelove Time Based Media Festival

My selection of works for the experimental film section of the Strangelove Time Based Media Festival goes “live” on June 22nd.

The selected artists and works in this programme are:

Andrew Demirjian (USA), Pan-terrestrial People’s Anthem (2018);Robert Cahen (France),Narsica Hirsch (Argentina) and Ruben Guzman (Argentina) Kosmos II (2020) ; Tessa Garland (UK) Legacy Warf (2020); Masayuki Kawai (Japan), Video Feedback Aleatoric No 12 (2018); Vince Briffa (Malta), Outland (2019);Madelon Hooykaas (The Netherlands), No Self (2019);Jacques Perconte (France), Albatre (2018);Stuart Moore & Kayla Parker (UK), On Location (2017); Visual Brains (Sei Kazama & Ohtsue Hatsune) (Japan), Dé sign 22 “La Matiére de mémoire #3” (2011) and Terry Flaxton (UK), Forest Glade (beneath the forest floor) (2020).

Further information and link to programme from June 22nd-June 29th, 2020.