Video Work, 1978-2001

Chris Meigh-Andrews, Video Tapes, Installations & Projections; 1978-2001

Video is a fluid medium, it needs to get out of the studio. I soon lost interest in the broadcast television connotations of my early TV studio work at the London College of Printing and I began to recognise the potential for video as a medium for abstract, musical and multi-sited sculptural possibilities. This was the late l970s and the predominant form of British video art centered around the work of David Hall and the group of artists he championed or had taught, including Steve Partridge, Tamara Krikorian, Stuart Marshall, Mick Hartney and David Critchley. These artists all worked in a way that I perceived as firmly rooted in a political and conceptual formalism much more narrowly and rigidly prescribed than the English experimental film-makers working in the same period.

This essay was originally published in Filmwaves Issue 15, 2001. ISSN 1460-4051

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