On Being

Still from: "On Being", 1985

On Being (1985) was made during a period when I was searching for ways to use the process of video in a metaphoric way to present aspects of personal experience- to express states of being, and to evolve a visual language with which to explore interactions between the mind and body. Central to my working method at the time was the idea that certain material aspects of the video image could be presented as analogous to the human mind and its perception of the world.

The tape is composed of two basic types of shots: a repeating cycle of five simple table-top images of personal objects and self-portrait images recorded in a rural landscape with superimposed texts: Medium Close-Up, Extreme Close-Up,Medium Long Shot, Mid Shot and Close-Up. The sequences are arranged so that they suggest an accumulation of significance because of the order in which they are repeated. The images and objects are combined and reorganised physically and in time to suggest a process of review or thought-process.

The music is Sur un Batteau by Erik Satie, the pianist is Lorraine Anderson.

The work was funded by Greater London Arts, and toured the UK in a show called “Genlock” organised jointly by Intrim Arts and London Video Arts: 1985-86.