Back to Kyoto on the Shinkansen

Each time I see Fuji It appears changed And I feel I view it Ever for the first time. How shall I describe Fuji To those who have not seen it? It is never seen twice alike And I know no one way Of describing the sight. Date Masamune (1565-1636), from  Zen and Japanese Culture,  […]

Great Dinner and Good Conversation

Last night I went to Nankano to meet with Tokyo-based composer and musician Christophe Charles and to the home of video artists  Sei Kazam and Hatsune Ohtsu, who work under their collective name- “Visual Brains”. Over a wonderful meal provided by Sei and Hatsune, and with the aid of Christophe’s translation skills, I asked them […]

At the Mori Art Museum- Roppongi

Today I took the Tokyo Subway to Roppongi, and since the National Art Center was closed (a fact I failed to notice in my guidebook), I visited the impressive Mori Art Museum in the Roppongi Hills Complex. I was fortunate to find that there was a particularly interesting exhibition currently on show- Sensing Nature: Rethinking […]

Tokyo Day & Night

Arrived in Tokyo yesterday later afternoon and found my hotel in the Shinjuku district without much trouble, navigating the Tokyo Metro is easier than it looks- even for someone with my compromised sense of direction! This morning I explored the area near the JR Shinjuku railway station on foot- visiting the observation room in the […]

An Evening Walk

This evening I did an evening walk along the Pontocho, a narrow lane full of restaurants and bars, crossing the Kamo-gawa in search of  Ozawa, a highly recommended tempura restaurant. It was worth the walk!

Daitokuji Temple Complex

I was awake early and spent the morning visiting some of the sub-temples of the Daitokuji Monastery. The Daisen-In,  which has a well-known Zen Garden did not allow photography, and was full of tourists, but the Koto-In, which has a wonderful moss garden was peaceful and contemplative. However, it seemed that I saved the best […]

Dinner and meeting

Last night I had an enjoyable evening with Prof Shinsuke Ina and his two colleagues- Isanori Oha and Naoki Nishigushi, who are currently working together on the book translation. They treated me to a delicious meal (as well as several bottles of Kirin Beer!) My Tokyo visit is also now taking shape. I have booked […]

Tokyo Next Week

Much of this morning was spent arranging to visit Tokyo and co-ordinating with the curators and artists I want to interview for my research into early Japanese Artists’ video. My plan is to travel to Tokyo on Sept 19th and to stay for several days. It is not proving as easy as I had hoped […]

Working with Prof Shinsuke Ina at Kyoto Seika University

After lunch today I visited Prof Shinsuke Ina at Kyoto-Seika University who is translating my book,  A History of Video Art: The Development of Form and Function into Japanese for Sangensha Publishers in Tokyo. We worked together on some of the details of the translation in Chapter 3.