“For Issac, Alan & Steve”- New outdoor installation, Aug 2016

For Issac, Alan & Steve 1, 2016 For Issac, Alan & Steve 2, 2016 For Issac, Alan & Steve 3, 2016 For Issac, Alan & Steve 4, 2016

For Isaac, Alan & Steve

A Site-specific double screen outdoor video installation for “Outside”, Cuckoo Farm Studios, Colchester.

This work, playfully dedicated to three of my heroes, references the iconic fruit which is associated with them- Sir Issac Newton, who according to legend was inspired by one, Alan Turing, who allegedly poisoned himself with one, and Steve Jobs, who named his world-beating company after one.

 I have worked with the video medium for many years and have sought ways to bring what is clearly (and most emphatically) an indoor medium- outside, and this installation is simply another attempt to make something of this kind.

 The work has a very simple “core” idea (many apologies for this pun), which centres on the illusion that we are looking at an image of the same apple as it moves from one screen to the other, which of course, as everyone will understand, it does not. Aside from this, and that I like the idea of putting domestic TV sets into a tree, I just want to tip my hat to Messers Newton, Turing and Jobs.