Interview with Andrew Demirjian, Clocktower Radio, New York

RADIO // Clocktower Exhibits & Events Andrew Demirjian and Chris Meigh Andrews, Originally aired 7/23/13

Former Clocktower resident Andrew Haik Demirjian in conversation with the artist, writer, and curator Chris Meigh Andrews after the publication of the second addition of his book A History of Video Art: Development of Form and Function. Andrews mentions that after the first edition was released in 2006 he felt “art as video” became part of something larger with the rapid development of digital recording, he expanded the second edition by including newer artists in a more global lens. We learn how Andrews began curating and writing (mostly out of necessity) and his long-running curatorial project “Digital Aesthetic.” The two colleagues also discuss technology’s effect on the video art scene in early 1970s Tokyo, the role of broadcast television in defining video art, what defines “technological” and “media” art as mediums, and the exciting diversity of the contemporary media art scene.

Click here for further info and to listen to the interview, originally aired July 23rd.