L’Émergence de l’art vidéo en Europe : historiographie, théorie, sources et archives, Bibliothèque nationale de France, May 25th & 26th, 2016.

Pawel Kwiek, "Video and Breath, Channel of Information", 1978

Pawel Kwiek, “Video and Breath, Channel of Information”, 1978


I will be presenting a paper on early artists’ video in the UK on May 25th.

Here is the programme for the two-day event which will be held at the Bibliothèque nationale de France
and the Institut national d’histoire de l’art

May 25th:

A. Historiographies nationales et transnationales

Présidente de séance : Larisa Dryansky (INHA)

1. Slavko Kacunko (University of Copenhagen)
“Early Closed Circuit Video in Europe: Creating Crossroads”
2. Grégoire Quenault et Fleur Chevalier (université Paris 8 -Vincennes Saint-Denis)
« La création vidéographique en France : émergence et développements »

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3. Marika Kuzmic (ARTon Foundation)
“Polish Video Art (1973-79): A Yet Unwritten Story”

4. Chris Meigh-Andrews (University of the West of England)
“Artist’s Video in Britain: The Early Years”

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B) Expositions, diffusion, circulation
Président de séance : Alain Carou (BnF)

1. Wulf Herzogenrath (Akademie der Künste, Berlin)
“Projekt’ 74, Kölnischer Kunstverein 1974: The First Video Cassette Catalogue
in the World”
2. François Bovier (ECAL)
“La médiatisation de l’art vidéo en Suisse romande : enseignement, expositions,

3. Laura Leuzzi (University of Dundee)
“Early Video Art in Rome: video artists and collectives, exhibitions and galleries
in the Seventies from VideObelisco to Video 79”

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Elaine Shemilt (University of Dundee)
“European Women’s Video Art in the 70s and 80s”

May 26

Focus : nouvelles recherches sur deux fonds conservés à la BnF

Thibault Boulvain (INHA)
“Interrogations sur l’art/Discours sur l’art (1972-1978) : retour sur le fonds
vidéo Lea Lublin”

Nicolas Ballet (INHA)
“Usages et apprentissage de la vidéo légère. Constitution du fonds
audiovisuel de l’ENSBA (années 1970)”

Table ronde : Pour une cartographie des fonds
d’archives en Europe

Modérateurs : François Bovier (ECAL) et Larisa Dryansky (INHA)
Nathalie Boulouch (Archives de la critique d’art)
Barbara Borcic (SCCA-Ljubljana)
Alain Carou (BnF)
Sandra Lischi (Casa Totiana)
Robert Stéphane (RTBF)
Pause déjeuner

Table ronde : Les collections de musées et les structures
de diffusion face à leur passé
Modérateurs : Grégoire Quenault (université Paris 8 -Vincennes Saint-Denis /ESTCA)
Alain Carou (BnF)
Thierry Destriez (Heure exquise !)
François Michaud (Musée d’art moderne de la Ville de Paris)
Dorcas Müller (ZKM)
Stephen Partridge (University of Dundee)
Miklos Peternak (Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts)



Testing Prototype Outdoor Version of “In Darwin’s Garden”, 19/11/15

Dr Alan Summers & Dr Cian Quayle

Dr Alan Summers and Dr. Cian Quayle at the University of Chester testing the full size prototype outdoor version of augmented reality installation “In Darwin’s Garden”.

IDG, Uni Chester 2

Dr Alan Summers viewing augmented reality images using ipad display









Darwin augment1

Frame grab of augmented reality images from ipad display

Darwin augment 2

Frame grab of augmented reality image from ipad display










The Emergence of Early Artists’ Video in Europe & the USA and its’ Relationship to Broadcast TV











Presentation by Dr Chris Meigh-Andrews (Professor Emeritus, University of Central Lancashire and Visiting Professor, University of the West of England )

Japan Video Society of Video Art Research Association, Tokyo.

October 12, 2015 (Mon) 17:00 to 19:30

Venue: co-lab Shibuya atelier 2F Conference Room 3 (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Udagawacho 42-6)


Moderator: Taki Kentaro (Video Art Center Tokyo )

Contact: Japan Video Society of Video Art Research Association, Taki Kentaro: taki.kentarou@ebony.plala.or.jp

Video Art Center Tokyo, Yubinbango150-0042 Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Udagawa-cho, 42-6 co-lab Shibuya in the studio

tel: 81-80-4355-1721

Tesserarts Gallery now on line

Tesserarts Gallery is a new online gallery representinglogo-blue significant but less exposed artists from a variety of disciplines.

Launched by Anita Majumdar in 2015, the aim is to showcase artist’s original works online and to have a public exhibition at least annually to allow a physical engagement with selections of the artist’s works.

The first of these is at The Nehru Centre in London in October 2015 showcasing paintings by Paresh Chakraborty and early videos by Peter Donebauer – see Exhibitions section.

“ENAS Presents”: Artists’ talk at TAP, Southend, April 16th

ENAS Presents… is a new series of touring talks by artists based in studios across Essex, designed to bring their work out of the studio to new audiences, and enable artists to come together to share ideas about practice. The third in our series of talks features Chris Meigh-Andrews, an artist based at Cuckoo Farm Studios in Colchester who will be speaking at TAP in Southend.

Returning, Chris Meigh-Andrews, 2003-2015. Photograph courtesy of the artist and Douglas Atfield.

Click this link for more info and tickets to this event.